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Individual Placement and Support

About the Programme

IPS supports people with mental health difficulties find work. It has been shown to work in Ireland and countries across the world.  It helps people to get and keep work by helping them with their CV, search for a job, prepare for interviews and support them along the way. With a client’s permission we also can work with their employer.

Who can be referred to IPS?

The Individual Placement and Supports Employment Specialist is employed by Donegal Local Development and is integrated into Donegal Central Community Mental Health Team as a full team member. They go out and meet employers on your behalf. If a client is successful with getting a job, the employment specialist can support them in their job with weekly visits for in-work support.

Who is eligible for Employment Specialist Support?

All people who use Community Mental Health Services- Donegal Central/Level 1 Scally’s Place/ Justice Walsh Road/ Letterkenny/ Co. Donegal/ F92 DH58 can use this service. Our main criteria is that they want to work, so we don’t exclude people once they wish to work. Some people may feel they are too ill or too old or have no experience, but once they have a desire to work, they can access this support.

What kind of supports can an Employment Specialist give?

The employment specialist supports people with all stages of their job search, from exploring what type of jobs are preferred, to CV preparation, mock interviews and in-work support. If a client has a particular difficulty that makes it hard to find the right job, the employment specialist meets employers to carve an appropriate or suitable job role.

Do Employment Specialists work with employers?

With a client’s permission the employment specialist can meet regularly with the employer to ensure that the job is going well and that all their in-work support needs are being met to help them keep their job.

How do Employment Specialists link with the mental health team?

Employment Specialist are full members of the mental health team, this means if a client need support from another team member in getting or keeping their job that they can easily access this support.

Where can I find out more?

All clients must be referred by the Donegal Community Mental Health Team Services in the first instance. Please contact a member of the Donegal Community Mental Health Team Services- Level 1 Scally’s Place, Justice Walsh Road/, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, F92 DH58 on +353 74 919 715. 


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