Community Group Membership

Connecting directly with communities and people on the ground.

What is DLDC Membership?

DLDC is a Membership based organisation which connects more directly with communities and people on the ground.

Community and voluntary groups, in Co. Donegal who support the ethos of DLDC are now invited to become registered members, and if they wish, to participate in electing Directors to the Board. Only community and voluntary groups can participate in elections.

If you have any queries about Membership, you can contact on


What are the Membership Criteria?

For community and voluntary groups:

If you don’t fit the criteria for membership and you would still like to avail of support from DLDC, please register your details. 

What are the Benefits of Membership?

All members will be connected to our information network:

Community and voluntary group members can participate in Board elections – as nominees and as voters.

Get involved in DLDC Elections...

DLDC is looking forward to receiving nominations from community group members for individuals who are willing to represent ALL the needs and concerns of ALL the people in ALL areas of the County. Nominations who represent one off specific causes are discouraged.

DLDC is inviting its community group members from the North and South  of our catchment area to participate in elections to elect two community representatives from each area to our Board of Directors.

Nomination forms are due to be forwarded at the end of May, with ballot papers to follow in June.

Election results are due July 2022. Further details to follow.

If your community group wants to have someone elected to the Board.

A nomination form must be sent to us by email or post by the deadline. Once we have all the nominations, we will send you a ballot paper with a deadline for return.

If your community group doesn’t want to make a nomination but does want to vote.

We will send you a ballot paper so that you can have a say in who is elected from your membership area.