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DVC Pledges Extra Support for Organisations on the Front line of COVID-19

With over 6,000 people signed up to the national volunteering database at www.i-vol.ie to offer their help during COVID-19, Donegal Volunteer Centre  has urged local organisations seeing an increased demand for their services to contact them for support in recruiting volunteers. Funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development, who are overseeing the community response to the needs of vulnerable people amidst COVID-19, Donegal Volunteer Centre is refocusing its priorities and resources to help organisations and volunteers respond effectively.

According to John Curran, Donegal Volunteer Centre Manager, “As a trusted and experienced source of information, Donegal Volunteer Centre has always provided support to organisations when it comes to recruiting and managing volunteers. In response to the COVID-19 emergency, we are increasing and prioritising this support for organisations on the front line helping the most vulnerable members of our communities. We are encouraging any organisations that need support with volunteers to contact us. Whether they are registered with us already or not, we will be there to support any organisation that needs it.”

On the outpouring of support from the Irish public, John added “We have seen a huge increase in those offering to help during this time. In the last 10 days, over 6,000 people registered on our national database have indicated they want to help with the response to COVID-19. To them we say thank you and bear with us. This is a marathon not a sprint and while you might not be called on today or tomorrow, knowing you are there to support organisations when they need it is vital.”

“For organisations that need the support of volunteers, we have seen a big increase in those offering to help during this emergency. As the experts in volunteering locally, we can connect you with volunteers and provide specialist support and guidance.”

Organisations that need support or members of the public wishing to volunteer can find our details on www.volunteerdonegal.ie Those who want to offer their help can also sign up on www.i-vol.ie and register their interest in volunteering for COVID-19 specific roles. The service is completely free.

Should you require our support kindly contact; Donegal Volunteer Centre – John Curran on 086 818 6035 /  john@volunteerdonegal.ie

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