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Celebrating the Impact of LEADER on Rural Communities

Did you avail of LEADER funding during the 2014-2020 LEADER programme? Can you tell us the story of how LEADER impacted your rural enterprise, organisation, community or local environment?

Then we want to hear from you!

The National Rural Network (NRN) is launching a NRN LEADER Impact Campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to celebrate the impact of the LEADER Programme, which has been in operation in Ireland since 1991, on Rural Communities across Ireland.

Impact, simply refers to a positive change that has resulted due to the LEADER programme, that may not otherwise have been possible. Impacts can be tangible like a much-needed community amenity or service, or something intangible like an increased sense of community pride or well-being.

Campaign Criteria:

To be involved all participants must submit an entry which has three parts.

All entries must complete:

(a) a standard application form which includes a small number of set questions
(b) must be accompanied by a short video telling us the story of how LEADER has impacted your rural enterprise/ community/organisation or environment
(c) at least 3 original images (JPEG format) pertaining to this project

Thematic Categories:

There will be three thematic categories in the campaign which will align directly with the themes as set out in the 2014-2020 LEADER Programme, under which your project received funding:

Theme 1: Economic Development, Enterprise & Development and Job Creation
Theme 2: Social Inclusion
Theme 3: Rural Environment

Why enter?

There will be 3 One for All Vouchers to the value of €200 (one per thematic category) up for grabs as well as the chance to have your project featured as a case study with the NRN, which will be disseminated further afield in local media and with the European Network for Rural Development.

Other Criteria:

Video Criteria

  • Your video must be no longer than 2 minutes long (120 seconds). This video should tell us the story of how LEADER funding has impacted your enterprise, organisation, community or local environment.
  • Videos must be uploaded to your application by providing the Youtube Link to your Video.
  • For handy tips on how to make your own video, please see here.


  • To submit an entry, you must be a member of the NRNJoin the NRN for free here.
  • You must also have received LEADER funding in the 2014-2020 Programme and have drawn down at least one part of your LEADER funding to be eligible to enter.

Closing date

  • The closing date for entries is Friday the 2nd of October at 5pm.

Public Vote

Once your submission has been accepted* your video will be shared via our website and social media and will be subject to a public vote. This public vote will run from Monday 12th October to Friday 6th November. Entries with the highest number of votes, will be deemed the winners. There will be one winner for each thematic category.

*On receipt of your submission the NRN will check that your entry meets all the criteria and you will be notified if your entry is deemed acceptable.

Enter Now

Download a copy of the questions you will need to complete to enter this campaign.

Remember: your video must not exceed 2-minutes (120 seconds) in length.

NRN LEADER Campaign Flyer-DLDC
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