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Supports for Communities

Are you part of a Community Organisaion looking for support, looking to set up a commuinty organsation in your area?

Are you looking for support?

Find out how DLDC can support your community with a wide range of services.

Community Group Committee Training and Development.

DLDC supports communities by providing direct supports, guidance, advice and training to local community groups to develop the capacity of their committee members and volunteers thereby creating more sustainable communities.

We provide advice and guidance to Community Groups through a range of supports including;

  • Setting up a community group
  • CLG Set-up & Registration
  • Strategic & Annual Planning
  • Committee skills training – running efficient meetings; managing budgets
  • Committee Roles & Responsibilities
  • Guidance on programmes & schemes available to your group from Government departments & agencies.
  • COVID Responses – Volunteers / Meals-on-wheels / Information
  • Hosting a community event/meeting/information session/workshop
  • Planning for the community – development of plans / work / activities
  • Doing community research and consultation

Through this training and development Community Organisations are assisted to engage with other stakeholders, actively improve the lives of their communities and address social exclusion issues that affect them.

For more information contact us on 074 91 27056 or email info@dldc.org.

Governance & Compliance

DLDC can provide advice and guidance to Community & Voluntary Organisations to develop governance skills and assist with compliance with charity regulation. This includes registration with the Charity Regulator and with achieving compliance with the Charity Regulators Governance Code.

For more information contact us on 074 91 27056 or email info@dldc.org.

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Accessing Funding

Through our DLDC programmes, we offer  range of supports for the following: 

DLDC provides Community Groups with information on relevant funding opportunities as they open or become available. We share this information on an ongoing basis and include new opportunities as they arise. We also provide 1:2:1 support to community groups on sourcing funding, applying for funding and with completing funding applications.

See The Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) for more information.   

DLDC promotes rural development and can provide assistance to put plans around your ideas, to provide funding for studies and capital funding for projects. The LEADER Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020 provided grants of up to €200,000 to promote social inclusion, poverty reduction and economic development in rural areas.

See the Rural Development Programme (LEADER) for more information.

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Social Enterprise Development

We provide advice and support in relation to:

  • Establishing, sustaining or growing a social enterprise
  • Business mentoring and development
  • Planning for the community
  • Doing community research and consultation
  • Advice and guidance on good governance, charities regulations and compliance
  • Advice and assistance on sourcing and applying for funding

DLDC also facilitates and supports a local Social Enterprise Network to provide a platform for shared learning and peer to peer support.

For more information contact us on 074 91 27056 or email info@dldc.org.

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Donegal Volunteer Centre is a free matching service which encourages people to become involved in volunteering across the county.

Our role is to provide information and advice to people interested in volunteering and to organisations looking for volunteers. We work with community and voluntary organisations to gather information about their volunteering needs and in the process offer support and advice on good practice in volunteer management.

See the Donegal Volunteer Centre for more information.   

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Community Hands

DLDC’s Community Hands team offers support for local community groups to undertake small projects/work which otherwise would be out of their reach due to manpower or budget constraints.

Our community Hands van can be borrowed by community groups to assist them to deliver materials, move furniture and to collect large items or materials. Whatever your community group may need DLDC is here to help.

See the Rural Social Scheme for more information.   

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Employment/ Community Work Placement Opportunities

DLDC work with local community organisations and help them source participants to complete community work placements in their organisations. 

Organisations may seek work experience participants in different areas.

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