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Reducing Costs and Generating Income for Social Enterprises REGISTER TODAY

This Course will support and mentor social enterprises throughout Donegal to plan and develop for sustainability in the wake of the COVID pandemic. It is vital but challenging for social enterprises to generate income while doing the most with what they have available. The restrictions potentially offer time to plan and strategise methods and new routes for operating, generating income, focussing resources and planning for the future.

Design Thinking will help you approach these matters in a new way, allowing you to generate creative solutions and problem solve efficiently. The process can also be applied to other challenges in the future.

The schedule will be determined once an interested Team have registered their interest and are ready to begin. The Course can vary in commitment between a Sprint (21 hours) and Marathon (42 hours) of training based on the availability of the Team. Either Course will provide training and mentoring to support you towards ideas.

For more information email hello@innovating.ie

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