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About Social Enterprise Development Grant 2021

The purpose of the once off small grant scheme is to support small developing social enterprises that are working towards the implementation of annual work plans and actions that align with Thematic Area G1.5 of the SICAP National Programme Framework, to Support Social Enterprises which Contribute to SICAP Outcomes.

These can be any social enterprises as long as they are being supported to carry out work which is in line with SICAP thematic areas and which will contribute towards the outcomes of the National SICAP programme and will clearly benefit SICAP communities and target groups.

Social Enterprises (groups) supported under SICAP must provide services to SICAP target groups and/or disadvantaged communities, or employ/provide training to SICAP target groups.

Please note that the total funding available in support of this ‘Grant Scheme in 2021’ is expected to be in the region of < €20,000 and therefore funding is limited. This is a small-scale, once off and match-funding grant scheme with applicants expected to contribute to the total project costs.

To be eligible to apply, applicants must also be operating in the area identified as Lot 3 on the map below. This is due to the public funding contract under which the relevant grant budget is held. This is without prejudice to the needs of other social enterprises within Donegal, however the specific fund and budget is only available under one public funding contract within the County in 2021.


What is a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is an enterprise:

  • That trades for a social/societal purpose;
  • Where at least part of its income is earned from its trading activity;
  • Is separate from government; and
  • Where the surplus is primarily re-invested in the social objective.

Social Enterprise Activities and Supports

DLDC works with social enterprises on an ongoing basis: to increase and develop their capacity, to assist them in linking with SICAP target groups through services provided or by providing mentoring, volunteering, and employment opportunities.

The types of activities that are undertaken in support of social enterprises through our development and mentoring support services include support to:

  • Increase the level and/or type of services delivered to SICAP target groups;
  • Increase the sustainability of the enterprise and their ability to contribute to the social and economic development of disadvantaged areas;
  • Develop or explore the development of new social enterprises or to increase employment opportunities.

Intended Outcomes of Development Work (Thematic Area G1.5)

The following table provides an overview of the intended outcomes of the development work which the SICAP Programme is intended to support. These intended outcomes (objectives) should be clearly reflected in any application for the 2021 grant scheme.


Source: https://www.pobal.ie

SICAP Programme Target Groups

The target groups of the SICAP programme include: Disadvantaged Children and Families, People living in Disadvantaged Communities, Disadvantaged Young People (aged 15 – 24), People with Disabilities

Disadvantaged Women, Roma, Travellers, Lone Parents, those Disengaged from the Labour Market (Economically Inactive), Low Income Workers/ Households, The Unemployed, New Communities

Grants for Social Enterprises

DLDC currently has a limited budget available as part of its 2021 SICAP Annual Plan.

DLDC intends to make available small grants to social enterprises in support of the progression of SICAP supported annual work plans.

These grants can be made available to assist a social enterprise at any stage of its development.

The objective is to support social enterprises to establish and expand, to employ those who are most marginalised, and to provide local services that benefit disadvantaged communities.

Grant Eligibility?

  • This is a match-funding grant scheme.
  • To avail of a grant applicants must have development objectives and intended outcomes that align with the SICAP Programme.
  • The maximum amount per grant to a social enterprises will be €2,500; the grant awards approved as part of the 2021 scheme may be less due to limited funding availability.
  • Any grants awarded will not exceed 80% of the total project costs as detailed in an application.
  • Applicants must contribute a minimum of 20% of total project costs to be eligible to apply and may be expected to contribute a higher rate of match funding.
  • 3 x independent quotations must be provided for each item of expenditure applied for.
  • Successful applicants will be notified of any grant award by way of a ‘Letter of Offer.’
  • No spending should pre-date any ‘Letter of Offer’ or acceptance.
  • Successful applicants will be asked to confirm their acceptance of the offer
  • Successful applicants must be able to complete their project on or before 31st October 2021.
  • The grant will be re-paid on a recoupment basis
  • Applicants must ensure that they have sufficient working capital (cash at the bank) to be in a position to take up the offer.
  • If your organisation has insufficient working capital (cash at the bank) to be in a position to take up the offer, please contact DLDC’s Social Enterprise Manager, John Logue (jlogue@dldc.org), in advance of applying to discuss your circumstances.
  • The following vouched expenditure records will be required prior to any grant being repaid.
    • Original invoice(s) for goods or services purchased through the grant offer
    • A copy of each payment made from the nominated account i.e. by cheque or EFT bank transfer
    • A bank or credit union statement showing the payments to suppliers being cashed from the groups nominated bank account
    • A completed grant claim form summarising the details of expenditure items
    • An asset register form showing the location of assets – to include photographs of any asset purchased.
  • Grants will only be made available to social enterprises which contain fewer than ten people – “micro-enterprises”, unless exceptional circumstances are presented.
  • Grants will be provided to social enterprises operating in any sector of the local economy as long as the risk of displacing existing jobs has been considered and there is no risk of displacement.
  • Social Enterprises can only receive one grant annually.
  • Grants shall not duplicate other sources of local funding by funding the same costs.

Each application will be assessed against the criteria for the scheme using a defined scoring matrix.

Ineligible Costs

Grants will not be made available for the following items as part of the 2021 grant scheme:

  • Building/premises rental costs;
  • Cost of travel;
  • Insurance;
  • Personal clothing and uniforms (except protective clothing);
  • Professional development programmes arranged by professional and regulatory bodies;
  • Purchase of any type of vehicle;
  • Stock-in-trade;
  • Utility costs, connection or supply and local authority rates;
  • Core costs

Other Public Funding

As part of the application process applicants are asked to provide details of any public funding provided towards the planned project from other sources (if any):

If your social enterprise has applied for a grant from another public body in 2021 or if it is receiving a grant from another public body in 2021 you are required to provide details of what that funding is intended to be used for; such that we can avoid duplication of funding.

How to apply and key considerations

  1. Contact a DLDC Project Officer to discuss your application and for guidance on eligibility. There is no merit in completing a form if you are not eligible for the scheme. The objectives of the social enterprise must clearly fit with the SICAP programme to be eligible to apply.
  2. Consider whether or not you can complete your project before the end of October 2021. If not then please do not submit an application as the delivery timeframe for this funding is time sensitive and projects must complete on or before the end of October 2021.
  3. If you are eligible, decide on the items of expenditure that you are seeking funding for and consider if these items fit with the purpose of the grant scheme and the eligibility criteria as outlined in these guidelines. Your DLDC Project Officer will advise you on this however please note that award decisions will not be taken by the DLDC Project Officer.
  4. Obtain independent quotations (x3) from suppliers for each item of expenditure and attach these to the application.
  5. Complete, sign and submit an application form together with the supporting documentation outlined on the application form which includes:
    1. Quotes from independent suppliers for each expenditure item (x3)
    1. A current account statement – this should be in the name of the applicant group
    1. Details of charitable status or tax reference number; completed on the form.
    1. A copy of your Social Enterprise (groups) constitution – if you are a group with constitution only. If your group is set-up as a CLG we don’t need a copy of this.
  6. Submit these details in hardcopy to Donegal Local Development Company CLG by the deadline
  7. If you have any questions or queries then please contact the Social Enterprise Manager jlogue@dldc.ie  for assistance.


Alison McMonagle


Donegal Local Development CLG

1 Millennium Court, Pearse Road, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. F92 W5OR  

By 5:00 pm on Friday 3rd September 2021 CLOSING DATE AND TIME WILL BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered

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