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Living Well Programme

A free programme to help you live better with your long-term health condition.

Available in Co’s Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Cavan and Monaghan

Who is it for?

Living Well is for you if:

You are an adult (over 18) living with a long-term health condition or with depression (it is common to be living with more than one such condition)


You are a carer for someone with a long-term health condition

The Sept programme dates are as follows:

Wednesday 9th Sept 10.30 am –  finishing Wednesday 21st Oct

Tuesday 15th Sept 10.30 am  finishing Tuesday 27th Oct

Thursday 17th Sept 10.30 am finishing Thursday 29th Oct.

What is a ‘long-term health condition’?

It is a health condition which lasts more than 6 months, can be treated and managed but usually not cured and which impacts your life causing some degree of impairment or disability.

Examples of long-term health conditions are:

Diabetes Multiple Sclerosis
Asthma Parkinson’s disease
COPD Fibromyalgia
Heart conditions Crohn’s/colitis/IBS
Stroke Depression

What effect does a long-term health condition have?

Living with a long term health condition can be difficult and can leave you feeling like you are out of control.  You may struggle with problems such as:





People not understanding

Loss of sense of self

Loss of independence

Managing medication

What does the programme teach?

The Programme teaches tools to manage these problems, whatever your health condition. These tools include:

  • Pain and fatigue management
  • Coping with difficult emotions and feelings of depression
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Exercise appropriate to your ability
  • Healthy eating
  • Managing medication
  • Action planning and setting realistic goals
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Communicating with family, friends and healthcare team

What’s involved?

  • 6 workshops of two and a half hours duration
  • Delivered by specially trained Tutors who all have experience of living with long-term physical or mental health conditions.
  • Small groups (max of 18)
  • local community settings

Background to the Programme:

This Programme was designed at Stanford University in California, USA. It is used worldwide and has a large body of research evidence to show it is effective.

What do people get from the Programme?

Participants world-wide report a significant positive impact on their lives and a reduced dependence on health-care services. In Co Donegal participants have reported:

•   feeling more positive and in control of their lives

•   making better health choices, for example, around exercise, healthy eating, medication, sleep

•   more confidence in managing their health condition.

What Donegal participants have said:

  • ‘This course has made me a more positive person’
  • ‘I learned a lot about anxiety in my life and how to manage it’
  • ‘My confidence has increased and I feel I am now able to manage my condition better’.

To register for the programme contact:


Email:  HelenoDriscollQOL@outlook.ie

087 3964307

Or Maeve


087 7569743.

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