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LEADER Idea Centre – Open Call for Host Organisations

‘Calling on Community Organisations’

Donegal Local Development CLG is seeking applications from community organisations who may be interested in hosting a Social Innovation Hub within their premises known as a LEADER Idea Centre.  

The LEADER Idea Centre shall be a space to facilitate meetings and training for a range of community groups and individuals who will be developing unique and innovative projects to achieve their goals and objectives.

The host community organisation will be required to flexibly provide the space on a booked, per hour room hire only basis over two years until the end of October 2022.  

The LEADER Idea Centre forms part of the Innovating Communities Programme which is a LEADER co-operation training programme being delivered across counties Donegal, Monaghan, Leitrim, Cavan, Sligo and Louth with the aim of fostering innovative thinking and developments for numerous communities businesses and individuals in creative and imaginative projects, solutions and ideas and will run until 31st October 2022.  

If your organisation has the capacity and is interested in hosting such a LEADER Idea Centre, please view the criteria and complete the application form attached and return to mlarkin@dldc.org by 5pm Monday 15th February. 

Check out http://www.innovating.ie  for more information about the project and follow here at Innovating Communities 

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