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Guide For Community Organisations

DLDC understand the challenges of preparing to return to work in community facilities and of returning to community activity in the wake of COVID 19.

In an effort to support you and your organisation in doing so DLDC and Donegal Volunteer Centre have developed ‘A guide for community organisations’

Included in the guide is information on:
Planning for Reopening Workplaces and Spaces

Updating Policies and Procedures

Prevention and Control Measures

Staff Induction and Training

Managing Suspected COVID-19 Cases

Staff Support Measures

Organising Community Activities

Recap of Templates and Checklists

Useful Contacts / Useful Links

Click here to view guide: https://bit.ly/3hWTLKv

DLDC & Donegal Volunteer Centre are keen to continue supporting you as you prepare to reopen in the wake of COVID 19.

With this in mind as an option for feedback we have developed a quick survey to capture your ideas and requests for support . You can also let us know by email / call / Zoom how we can be of assistance to you over the reopening phase and beyond.

Link to the survey: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=nfYoZpHAckmeQVYV_88n7EVOWiZIKd5OtUkvlWpUp8JUN05RSzhZVklVQlI5REZKR0xXTU9ZTTNHVC4u

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