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Free Online Health and Wellbeing Workshops with Personal Health Plans

Don’t Miss Out!!

Book your place on one of DLDC’s Health and Wellbeing programmes for the Autumn/Winter season. The programmes are being organised by our Community Health Sync Project.

A personalised health action plan & support from Community Health Facilitators is available with each of the programmes.**CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO BOOK YOUR PLACE**https://forms.gle/D6YcqXTXciBbV9ZP8If you would like to find out more about any of the programmes call 087-9683868 or emailing health@dldc.org

The first block of courses include: DARE, Mindfulness and Pilates (See below for the outline of all 3 courses.

DARE – Dissolving Anxiety Restoring Ease – Changing your focus can change your life.

(5 weeks: Start Date, Tuesday, 15th September @ 11am on zoom)

Moving from anxiety and stress to CONFIDENCE AND WELLBEING   

A life coaching approach to Anxiety and stress

Outline of this 5 week course:  

  1. Understanding, accepting and moving on from anxiety – when we fully understand the mechanics of stress and anxiety, we are in a better position to take actions that empower us and help us overcome anxiety. Looking at how belief shapes our lives.
  2. Tools and techniques to dissolve anxiety. There are MANY simple and effective techniques that can stop anxiety in its tracks. E.g. How Atomic Habits contribute to feelings of wellbeing.  
  3. Mindfulness and Anxiety. Mindfulness is widely recognised as one of the main tools to overcome anxiety and stress. Learn simple enjoyable practices that help with feeling better.
  4. Problem-solving to remove anxiety from your life. An often overlooked part of anxiety is actually addressing sources of stress and anxiety, finding creative solutions to real or perceived problems can hugely increase your wellbeing.
  5. Perspectives that minimise anxiety. Moving from what we don’t want in life to what we do want is a simple way to rewire our brains to feel better. It’s so easy to see all the things we don’t want, and we can use this to really look at what we DO want in life. A simple example is – if you feel stress now, you immediately recognise that you do not want to feel this way and it rarely occurs for our brains to go to the next step and clarify what w do want. i.e. to feel calm and confident right now!

Mindfulness in Practice: 5 week course- 45 min to 1 hour

(5 weeks: Start Date, Wednesday, 16th September @ 7.30pm on Zoom)

Topics covered:

  • The intention or goal of your practice
  • Physical set up of your practice space
  • Tailoring a practice to suit your lifestyle and temperament
  • Realistic goals when meditating, i.e. small steps “I have tried but I cannot quieten my mind myself”
  • Each week 15 minute actual mindfulness session.

Pilates Class: 4 week course- 1 hour

(4 weeks: Start Date, Thursday 17th September @ 7pm on Zoom)

Pilates or Mat Pilates (depends on age and abilities) but more than likely Mat Pilates if a mixed age group, explaining modified to intermediate movements so everyone can do a level that suits them.  Working out the inner core muscles in every part of the body, nothing needed to do class, just a rug or something under you if you have no exercise mat.

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