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Free Online Health and Wellbeing Workshops with Personal Health Plans

Don’t Miss Out!!

Book your place on one of DLDC’s Health and Wellbeing programmes for the Autumn/Winter season. The programmes are being organised by our Community Health Sync Project.

A personalised health action plan & support from Community Health Facilitators is available with each of the programmes.


https://forms.gle/D6YcqXTXciBbV9ZP8 If you would like to find out more about any of the programmes call 087-9683868 or email health@dldc.org

The second block of courses include: Photography and Wellbeing, Cookery, Home Fitness Live, Tai Chi and Journaling (See below for the outline of all 5 courses.

Photography & wellbeing: 5 week course -1 hour

(5 weeks: Start Date Monday 21st September @ 7pm on Zoom)

Award-winning photographer Trevor Cole will guide you over 5 weeks on how to incorporate photography into wellbeing. The 5 ways to mental health & wellbeing will be explored each week. Each week will involve a different aspect of photography and wellbeing.

You will need a camera. Your camera on your phone will be ok.

Cookery Class: 4 week course- 45 mins to 1 hour

(4 weeks: Start Date, Tuesday 22nd September @7pm on Zoom)

Demonstrations by Dr. Elizabeth McKenzie qualified chef and lecturer in LYIT, School of Tourism, Killybegs.

All recipes are quick, easy and affordable.

Recipes are a mixture of dinner ideas, salads, baking, snacks and much more.

Home Fitness Live: 4 week course – 35-40 minutes

(4 weeks: Start Date Wednesday 23rd September @ 11.30am on Facebook)

CoH-Sync has teamed up with Rushe Fitness Live to bring a bespoke home exercise programme. Each week you will be guided through a fun fitness class.

A clear floor space is required. If you have a small kettlebell, weight bottles of water this can be used for weights.

This is a Facebook closed group. It will be a private group and you will only see the instructor. Nobody will be able to see you.


  • Rushe Fitness will deliver fun weekly fitness classes for you to follow!
  • There will be different classes each week so you won’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again.
  • We’ll help you to get and keep a new health and fitness routine, so you’ll come out the other side of this in a much better place.
  • You’ll have the full support from our community health facilitator.
  • We’ll give you tasty and healthy recipes that you can make for all the family to enjoy.
  • This is a fun and energetic fitness programme. They provide different versions of each exercise so you will always have one you can do and never feel left out.

Tai Chi: 5 week course – 1 hour

(5 weeks: Start Date, Thursday 24th September @ 10am on zoom)

Colm Sweeney will share 40 years of expertise, knowledge and skills with you.

Tai chi is for health, mind and body. It helps relax the muscles, strengthen the bones and calm the mind. These groups of exercises are designed for all levels (beginners to advanced) and you can practise indoors or outdoors or while standing waiting on a bus or stuck in a traffic jam.

Colm is really looking forward to meeting you all on our new Tai chi class via zoom. All participants will be given an introduction to Tai chi demonstrating a breakdown of what is involved in the class. Classes include warm-ups, basic stance, key moves, silk reeling 1+2, Tai chi form 19 steps, Chen style.

Participants will also explore ‘how energy works’ and there will be a bit of armchair Tai chi too.

You will need a sturdy chair to sit on.

Creative Journaling for wellness: 5 week course – 1 hour

5 weeks: Start Date, Friday 25th September @10am on Facebook)

Artist, art educator and creative life coach Bernie Wilson (aka Human Being myself) will guide you through 5 weeks of creative journaling. The sessions will be on a closed private Facebook group. They will be pre-recorded and you can access them at any time after they are launched each week.

Art supplies will be provided to the first 15 people that are fully registered on the course.

By activating your sense of wonder Creative Journaling inspires individuals to look within to explore hidden happiness, ignite the imagination, lose perfection and gain self-realisation.

The program is not about writing or creating art in the sense that you know it. You do not need to be experienced in creativity in any way. By the end of just one session, you will have unleashed a power within you that will only inspire you to create, write, wonder and imagine in ways you never thought possible.

Program Outline includes:

Week 1: Permission to Create & Intentions

Week 2: Activate your imagination & Inspiration Archiving

Week 3: Manifesting your Vision

Week 4: Intuitive Wandering & Vision Quest

Week 5: Creative Practice & Word Flow

Please note that these classes are only for people who have not completed a health & wellbeing plan or have not attended one of our classes in the past

Registration is now open for our free Autumn Wellbeing classes.
Register online https://forms.gle/D6YcqXTXciBbV9ZP8

Contact details for any queries call CoH-Sync team on 087-9683868

Or email health@dldc.org

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