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Boost Positive Mental Health Workshops

A Boost is always good! 

We can never have enough of feeling good about ourselves. So, no matter where you are now, bring more joy and happiness into your life and discover ways to move further forward in your life.         

Delivered in a 2 hours per week programme, each week exploring your potential to access even more happiness.

Delivered by Catherine in a warm and light-hearted manner, ever practical, using simple useful techniques to bring in lightness and more clarity to move forward.


Introducing goal setting as a way to feel good about life, how achieving even the smallest goal can give us a Boost!

  • Small goals first to empower you. Focusing on what YOU really want Framing your goals in the positive (feeling good in my body as opposes to loosing weight)
  • Printed material: Daily goal checker /50 ways to take a break / Action for Happiness calendar

Take home message: Making specific plans helps you achieve your goals, making you a happier person.


  • How self-care Boosts our feel good and how to get good at it.
  • What are the obstacles to self-care (Guilt, culture of looking after others etc
  • Why is self-care so important.    Burnout, ill health etc
  • What happens when we practice self-care!  Benefits everyone, mostly importantly you!
  • PRINTED MATERIAL: What is self-care/ 10 free things to do to feel good/

Take home message, when we care for ourselves, not only do we feel better but those all around us benefit!


Difficult emotions seriously challenge us and can make things seem worse than they are. But there are many ways to lift the struggle and Boost our feel good.

We all enjoy the happy feelings in life but we are not so comfortable with the unwanted emotions, but they can be our friends also.

  • List of feeling Emojis
  • 8 steps of processing emotions
  • RAIN  method of observing emotions especially anxiety  
  • Printed material: Feelings emojis sheet/ 8 steps on how to process feelings/ R.A.I.N. and anxiety/ Recipe

Take home message:   learning how to process unwanted emotions makes for a happier life 

 DAY 4:   VALUING YOU and the importance of saying NO.

  • Why we find it hard to say NO
  • Why it’s important to say NO
  • 9 ways to learn how to say NO
  • Printed Material: Why we find it difficult to say NO/ 9 ways to learn how to say No/ Values sheet / 5 habits that help you value yourself highly

Take home message: When we say no to the things that do not lift our spirit, we can then say yes to the things that do!

Day 5:  MINDFULLNESS, practical ways it can help in everyday life

Awareness as a way of grounding you in the moment. Literally helping to keep you balanced in times of overwhelm. When we feel anchored, we are much more able to deal with what life throws at us.

  • Observing your thoughts versus being involved with your thoughts…. a way to more freedom
  • Simple exercises in mindfulness
  • 5,4,3,2,1
  • Mindfulness and anxiety / Padraig O Morain mindfulness

Take home message:  taking a moment to “ See”   the bigger picture can really help us  feel much happier

Boost Positive Mental Health Workshops Starting :

Tuesday 4th October 2022 Venue Parish Centre , Donegal Town 10:30am to 12:30 am

Thursday 20th October 2022 Niall Mór Community and Enterprise Centre Killybegs 10:30am to 12:30 am

For more information or to book your FREE place contact Kathy by email kcunningham@dldc.org or call/text 0874126400

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