Donegal Local Development CLG

Support & Training for Individuals, Communities & Rural Enterprise...

Over 25 years’ experience of delivering to communities in Co. Donegal. 

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The Supports available from DLDC.

We provide a wide-range of supports to individuals, communities and community groups in Donegal.


Individual Supports


Community Supports

Supports are delivered through a number of specialised programmes.

A range of social inclusion, business and employment support services; community and rural development programmes and one to one support and training programmes.

An opportunity to pursue a career in Childcare for the long-term unemployed.
Free support for individuals and communities who want to improve their overall health and well-being.
Providing resettlement support services for refugees who are being resettled in County Donegal.
Volunteering opportunities for individuals and volunteer recruiting for organisations.
Offering you practical training and advice in job-seeking skills for the unemployed.
Preparing the long-term unemployed for work opportunities, through work experience, training and development opportunities.
The LEADER Programme promotes rural development and can provide assistance to put plans around your ideas, to provide funding for studies and capital funding for projects.
Supporting development, maintenance and promotion of trail based outdoor recreation in County Donegal
Part-time work opportunities for those involved in farming or fishing industries and in receipt of social welfare payments.
Providing supports for community development, employment, self-employment and lifelong learning.
Support for employment, further education and training opportunities, for members of the Travelling/Roma community.
Community work placement initiative providing quality work placements to people who are long-term unemployed.

Donegal Local Development CLG.

– Supporting our Communities (DLDC)

​Established in 1995, it is led by a voluntary Board of Directors from community and voluntary groups, social partners, local government and state bodies. Our catchment area covers County Donegal except for the Inishowen area, which is covered by Inishowen Development (IDP).

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